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According to the latest research, diet is an essential element in promoting cognitive health in seniors.  That discovery led to the development of MemoryMeals®, a complete program designed to leverage nutrition to optimize brain health. MemoryMeals® is driven by a patent-pending algorithm which enables our clients to customize menu plans while automating suggestions to keep them within brain healthy standards.

Vetted by clinical research and experts in the field of brain science, this nutrition program – based on the MIND diet – has been shown to help lower risk of dementia by up to 53% and slow cognitive decline associated with typical aging by as much as 7.5 years.

MemoryMeals® delivers extensive menu choices and 4-6 week recommended meal plans (based on seasonal recipes) that can be customized to your communities tastes, complimentary resident engagement activities that help educate and engage your community in brain health and a digital storefront providing customizable marketing tools to promote your facility as a leader in brain health.

MemoryMeals® is another idea from the minds at Life in the Moment LLC, a healthcare platform created to assist the families, friends and caregivers of those living with chronic diseases, including the more than 5.4 million people battling Alzheimer’s Disease. Utilizing technology to provide a clinically approved source of information, guidance and support for caregivers, Life in the Moment empowers families to live their best lives.


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