CERTUS Senior Living to offer MemoryMeals®

CERTUS Senior Living to offer MemoryMeals®

Life in the Moment, LLC is excited to announce our new partnership with CERTUS Senior Living in Central Florida. CERTUS will be offering MemoryMeals®, our brain health program that combines the research-based MIND Diet with brain-stimulating activities and caregiver support and education to optimize the brain health of both their residents and residents’ families.

Research from Rush University (Chicago, IL) shows that the MIND Diet could lower the risk of dementia by as much as 53% and may slow cognitive decline by as much as 7.5 years in the healthy aging brain. CERTUS will use the MemoryMeals® brain health program to deliver chef-created, clinically-vetted recipes and an algorithm-driven meal plan to ensure our residents are getting the right combinations of whole foods to optimize brain health.

MemoryMeals® also features recipes created by Chef Leah Sarris, R.D. and Director of Operations at the Goldring Center for Culinary Medicine at Tulane University Medical School. These delicious recipes are designed to address inflammation and other co-morbidities that may impact the quality of life of our seniors. More research is underway to understand the full impact of the MIND Diet on moderate to late-stage dementia.

Research is also showing that combining nutrition, physical activity, brain-stimulating activities and social engagement may be the best way to stave off and slow cognitive decline associated with aging. CERTUS will leverage MemoryMeals® to combine a variety of brain-stimulating activities and social experiences for their residents and caregivers to promote better brain health among the families they serve.

As a mission-driven business, CERTUS will provide brain healthy nutrition to their residents, starting with their new community, CERTUS Senior Living – Mt. Dora. CERTUS will also promote brain health throughout Central Florida by offering brain healthy cooking classes and educational workshops to residents’ families and Central Florida’s community at-large.

If you have any questions about MemoryMeals® or any other aspects of our brain health program offered in senior living communities around the country, please call us at (800) 510-1723 or visit memorymeals.com

For more information regarding CERTUS Senior Living, visit CERTUSseniorliving.com or learn more about their new community in Mt. Dora, Florida, please call Lori Ford, Executive Director, CERTUS Senior Living (352) 385-1800.