Chef Leah Sarris Brings Unique Healthcare Perspective to MemoryMeals®

Chef Leah Sarris Brings Unique Healthcare Perspective to MemoryMeals®

One of the unique advantages that sets MemoryMeals® apart as an attractive offering in the senior lifestyle category is the program’s extensive vetting by researchers and thought leaders in health, wellness and nutrition.

Among those industry experts is Chef Leah Sarris, Director of Operations for the Goldring Center for Culinary Medicine at Tulane University in New Orleans. Leah is the first chef employed full time by a medical school, and her expertise has led to the first of its kind interdisciplinary program combining culinary science, nutrition and medicine.

Thanks to Leah and the Goldring Center, the doctors of tomorrow are learning how to cook healthier foods — and how to “prescribe” healthier foods and lifestyles to patients. The curriculum that Leah helped establish at Tulane has already been licensed to over 30 other medical schools across the country.

Chef Sarris has always been a firm believer that delicious food and healthy food are not mutually exclusive. That philosophy is behind her role as a consultant and advisor to the MemoryMeals® program, where she will lend her professional counsel in culinary trends, as well as assist in crafting healthy and tasty recipes.

Connecting the classroom and the kitchen has been a consistent ingredient in Leah’s mission. She obtained her degree in Culinary Nutrition from Johnson & Wales University, whose culinary school maintains an exchange program with the Goldring Center at Tulane. She is also among the founding members of the International Society of Neurogastronomy (ISN), an organization devoted to exploring the connections between the culinary arts, food science, agriculture and medicine.

Expect to hear more from Chef Sarris in the coming months about mouth-watering ways to combine the best in nutrition and health in your recipe choices.

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