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Make Dinner Fun Again
(While Protecting Your Family’s Brain Health)

MemoryMeals™ makes brain health fun. Not only does this mobile app serve up menu plans and delicious seasonal recipes, it delivers family entertainment by way of trivia that makes learning about omega3’s and the health benefits of blueberries family entertainment.

With more than 200 clinically-vetted, seasonal recipes and recommended meal plans, MemoryMeals makes eating healthy easy and FUN. Sure morning smoothies are a great way to drink breakfast in the car, but toss in a little cinnamon and not only is that smooth more delicious but its also helping to combat inflammation that is associated with brain health, arthritic, diabetes, heart disease and even depression./p>

Sure, Its Healthy, But We Do It Because Its Fun.

The smart way to optimize nutrition for brain-healthy results *

* Clinically-vetted by industry-leading researchers, based on the MIND Diet.

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Simple recipes created by top chefs, vetted for optimal nutrition


Meal planning made easy.

Then even easier.

Smart Plans deliver curated meal plans tailored to your taste preferences and health needs.

Choose a Smart Plan based on what you have a taste for: ethnic dishes, comfort food, vegetarian meals, or something a little more custom.

There’s a Smart Plan for everyone.

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Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy

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