Help Your Seniors Protect Their Brain Health

Help Your Seniors Protect Their Brain Health

Sure it’s fresh. Of course it’s delicious, but does your food fight dementia?

If not, it should.

Medical professionals throughout the US are turning to food to help fight chronic disease and research is showing it can help decrease the risk of dementia as well. Just like Americans learned to fight heart disease with the DASH diet, brain health experts are looking to food to help wage war on the greatest fear among age 50+ Americans: Dementia. As research continues to link gut health with brain health and pharmaceuticals continue to fail clinical trials, lifestyle choices will gain momentum as the front line defense against cognitive decline.

As the Chef, you can give your seniors a chance to avoid dementia or slow cognitive by delivering clinically proven brain health nutrition. By adopting MemoryMeals®, a brain health program that operationalizes the MIND diet, you’ll help your residents decrease their risk of dementia by up to 53% and slow cognitive decline related to typical aging by as much as 7.5 years.

Your community already promotes brain-healthy exercising. Now it’s time to complete that brain health program by adding MemoryMeals®; an easy-to-use, quick-to-implement brain health program. Join other forward-thinking chefs and adopt MemoryMeals® to improve the brain health of your residents while maintaining creative control of your kitchens.