MemoryMeals® Partners with Eli Lilly and Company

MemoryMeals® Partners with Eli Lilly and Company

Is this mild memory loss a warning sign of more progressive decline? Are there steps that can help manage memory issues? Can this condition be linked to other chronic health problems?

These and other questions are answered in a new video produced in collaboration with MemoryMeals® and Eli Lilly and Company. Listen to Ashley Bryan (CEO/Founder, MemoryMeals®) and Pauline Coderre (Eli Lilly and Company) on Caregiver Crossing (WIBC radio) as they discuss the partnership and video series.

Caregiver Crossing Interview – MemoryMeals® and Eli Lilly and Company: 

MemoryMeals® is releasing the video series to our senior living clients through our web app as part of the ongoing “Lilly For Better Health” initiative designed to offer useful tips, easy to use resources and tools to help older adults and caregivers take an active role in their personal health.

It turns out that the body’s own immune system can ignite a damaging inflammatory response that can cause and/or exacerbate chronic disease. This inflammation impacts changes in the brain that can lead to memory loss, cognitive decline, depression, anxiety and other problems.

The video series uses health literacy techniques and animations to deliver what would otherwise be a technical medical lesson. This video series is designed to enlighten, inform and motivate viewers to make healthy choices for brain health rather than alarm. There are also lifestyle tips presented in order to help the viewer manage some of the conditions that have been connected with memory loss. Among the topics covered are:

  • Memory loss: normal aging versus warning signs
  • The healthy aging brain
  • Managing chronic inflammation for better health
  • Eating right for healthy living

To learn more about MemoryMeals® or to find out how you can access this video series for your community, CLICK HERE and request a demo.