Shorten Your ‘To-Do’ List with MemoryMeals™

Shorten Your ‘To-Do’ List with MemoryMeals™

In senior-living communities, managers have a lot on their plates.

  • How do I continue to improve my residents’ quality-of-life — especially in terms of memory care and brain health?
  • How do I attract new residents?
  • How do I keep my current residents happy and reduce attrition?

MemoryMeals™ has everything it takes to make quick work of that task list.

MemoryMeals™ helps improve residents’ quality-of-life and reduce costs

MemoryMeals™ is a complete brain health program designed to lift up the wellness prospects of your entire resident community. With targeted nutrition, social engagement and corresponding brain health education, you get all the tools needed for improved quality of life and increased resident engagement.  That’s important to your bottom line as well, since healthier residents help keep your costs in line. (Caring for a resident with dementia in Assisted Living can add as much as $8,000 annually in labor related costs.)

MemoryMeals™ helps attract new residents

Brain health is more than a senior-living buzzword. It’s nothing less than an essential component of any community seeking to attract new residents. With MemoryMeals™, you now have a powerful recruiting tool due to this fact of demographics: the number of people living with dementia—currently 5.4 million—is expected to triple to more than 15 million by 2050.

We are in an era when brain health leadership is a prerequisite of quality for senior-living communities. In a recent nationwide survey by AARP of adults aged 50+, 94% identified “staying mentally sharp” as an extremely/very important issue for them.  Meanwhile, a 2012 survey by the Marist Institute for Public Opinion revealed Americans dread Alzheimer’s more than any other life-threatening disease—even cancer. With fear of cognitive decline as pronounced as it is, your ability to offer a brain health solution such as MemoryMeals™ is a highly marketable way to stay competitive.

Competition within the senior-living industry is fierce and will only become more challenging for the foreseeable future. According to the Wall Street Journal, senior housing supply will outpace demand for at least the next eight years, making it essential that you have the kinds of services that appeal to both residents and their adult children.

MemoryMeals™ helps reduce attrition

Offering programs that support wellness and sustain resident health can assist in reducing attrition. According to AARP, 78% of residents that leave a community do so because they require more care. Lowered resident wellness affects operations due to increased labor costs, high staff turnover and loss of residents to facilities that offer a higher level of care. MemoryMealsTM nutrition program offers added benefits beyond brain health by providing recipes with heart-healthy and inflammation-reducing ingredients.

MemoryMeals™ is also easy to implement in your community. The program includes marketing content such as access to expansive MemoryMeals asset library, brain health articles for resident newsletters, printable marketing collateral and other tools that can help speed adoption and engagement.

For total brain health solution, nothing brings it all together like MemoryMeals™. Get with the program today—and simplify your senior care task list.