MemoryMeals™ puts cognitive health on the menu.

MemoryMeals™ puts cognitive health on the menu.

With a growing population of aging Americans, the ranks of seniors diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia is on the rise. In fact, there are currently more than 5.4 million people battling Alzheimer’s in the U.S., with additional challenges facing their families, friends and caregivers.


While researchers, government agencies and pharmaceutical companies have been searching for effective solutions to age-related cognitive health issues, there’s currently no “silver bullet” drug therapy or medical intervention.  There is, however, a promising approach to improving brain health that focuses on some of the most fundamentals principles of wellness: diet and lifestyle.


That’s the thinking behind MemoryMeals™, the new program being introduced into a growing number of independent-living and senior-living communities around the country.


Scientifically tested to promote mind, body and spirit.


MemoryMeals™ makes it easy to add nutritious “brain healthy” menu selections to any meal plan.  And it’s part of a complete program of brain healthy lifestyle activities designed to aid in maintaining a participant’s physical, mental and emotional health.


MemoryMeals™ is based on the MIND Diet, a research-based nutrition plan shown to elevate cognitive health with simple changes in diet and lifestyle.


Vetted by clinical trials and experts in the field of brain science, this nutrition program has been shown to help lower risk of dementia by up to 53% and slow cognitive decline associated with typical aging by as much as 6.5 years. According to the MIND Diet’s lead researcher, Martha Clare Morris of Rush University, “Even moderate adherence brought about significant reduction in dementia risk.”


MemoryMeals™ isn’t a fad diet or a collection of bland “health foods.” Instead, it’s a savory selection of menu choices that covers every meal of the day and every appetite. Plus, each choice is specially developed by top chefs and selected for crowd-pleasing appeal. In addition, MemoryMeals delivers a variety of brain-challenging activities that help to educate and engage residents in the adoption of a brain-healthy lifestyle.


Currently helping senior living residents across the country.


To quickly bring the benefits of MemoryMeals™ to the greatest number of vulnerable older Americans, the program was launched in 2016 in a number of high-profile senior living communities and is currently operating in more than six states across the country. A consumer version will be available in early 2017, delivering the recipe and meal-planning advantages of MemoryMeals™ to consumers at large.


MemoryMeals™ is the first of several innovative health and wellness initiatives to launch under the Life in the Moment brand umbrella. Developed by the caregiver of a parent living with Alzheimer’s disease, Life in the Moment is a suite of clinically approved training and support tools that use technology to offer much needed information and guidance to people living with chronic diseases, empowering families to live their best lives.